Young Jewellers Awards 2023 - Wow what a great level of entries

Young Jewellers Awards 2023 - Wow what a great level of entries

We have recently opened the Young Jewellers Awards for 2023.  For those who are just starting the journey with us I will explain.  These awards are where we donate pearls from our Pearl farm at the Abrolhos Islands to the students at highschools who are participating.  This year we had two schools Geraldton Senior College and Nagle Catholic College.  I visited one of schools before completion of their pieces just to see how they were doing – and WOW! Was I impressed.   The detail in each piece the students created was just exceptional!

Firstly they get inspired by the theme – this year it was “A Tribute to the Animal Kingdom” really a celebration of life.   

Secondly they put pen to paper to come up with their concept.

Thirdly they create the piece.

And Lastly – they write a little description of their piece and informing us of the materials they use and why they chose this design and what it means to them and perhaps a story of jewellery making journey. The materials they use are always interesting from Sterling silver, brass & copper featuring our pearls, other gems – likes peridots and also paua shell. – In the past exhibitions some students even used horse hair.

We actually use a similar concept when consulting with our jewellery clients so we can understand what they are looking to create and knowing why also helps us create that masterpiece they have been wanting for years.

This year we were very impressed especially of the words they wrote to describe their pieces for example the winner of the Gallery Choice Award was Matilda Hutton from Geraldton Senior High School.

When Matilda received her award she was very emotional and pointed out to us that her mum was studying to be a nurse and had a very important meeting/work arrangement on but asked for special permission to attend the awards night – what a great decision that was she made as she was able to be there to see her daughter take home the Gallery Choice Award.


TITLE: Keeper of the Night Pearls

MEDIUM:  Nickle, Silver & Abrolhos island Black Pearl

INSPIRATION: The idea that a jellyfish floats gently and aimlessly, soft in her intentions through the water, is an inspiration in itself that I wanted to capture. It is to be worn with understanding and grace as she is guided through the darkness towards the light. This is a version of my life story with my light as my Mum continuously guides and protects me with her love.

It's moments like these that continually motive us to keep moving forward with the project.


The Overall Winner of the Awards was Taia Conti from Geraldton Senior Highschool (AGE15) with a bracelet featuring pearls and sea creatures from our oceans – starfish and scallops (to name a few)  and again her family were there to support on the evening.  I actually tried this bracelet on myself and what can say except – “It looked bloody amazing on me”.

When I read her description I was also very impressed.

TITLE: The Net

MEDIUM USED: Sterling Silver and Abrolhos Island Black Pearl

INSPIRATION: My inspiration for this piece is a net it acts as a protective shield for our marine life that inhabits the Abrolhos Islands, so that the future generations can enjoy its untouched natural beauty for many years to come.

As a prize for Taia as well as receiving a gift voucher from Latitude Jewellers she will also be able to spend 1 day working in the jewellers workshop where she enhance her jewellery skills working under our master jeweller Steven Richards.

Another winner in the evening was Alisa McDonald.

STUDENT: Alisa MacDonald from Geraldton Senior High School
AGE: 16
MATERIAL USED: Nickel Silver, cubic zirconia and Abrolhos Island Black Pearl
TITLE: Shining Star
INSPIRATION: My inspiration for my jewellery piece was the ocean. I love the unique animals that live across the coast and I decided that the starfish would be the inspiration for my next jewellery piece.

To view all entries and Award Winners visit here.

What surprises me is when we speak with people who visit our store and they hear about the Young Jewellers Awards and see what they have created they are impressed to hear that we are a private company willing to take the time to promote such projects and support our youth. They think its fantastic that we display their creations for over 3 weeks in our showroom.

And like with all the events that we offer at Latitude Jewellers people often ask me why we do them.…. And it kind of happened as an accident.  Initially I thought it would just be a fun thing to do (similar situation with the Flotsam and Jetsam by Latitude project) it all starts out as a fun idea… but then both events have evolved into so much more – more than I have ever imagined.  The benefits I see the most are yes the jewellery is amazing each piece finished with their passion to create but most importantly what they have written for the meaning and their inspirations creates so much emotion in us all, it’s with these words we get a glimpse as you what they are feeling at this particular moment in their life.  This event encourages a sense of pride in their ideas and workmanship – awakening their motivation and sense of purpose.


I am continually grateful that the students and teachers want to continue with this program as their enthusiasm is what truly motivates me.


Pia Boschetti #the_girl_who_grows_the_pearl..

PS: Sending a huge thanks to my team at Latitude Jewellers for helping to put the event together.


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