Deepening connections

Latitude Jewellers is committed to the support of arts and culture in the community. We believe artists deepen humanity’s connection to the natural world and through their creativity transform the lives of others.

Flotsam and Jetsam is a unique purpose driven initiative to clean up and give back, turning ocean debris into art. Pioneered by Pia Boschetti in 2011 and is supported by Latitude Jewellers.

Latitude Jewellers invest in the conservation of the Abrolhos Islands, home of our pearl farm, the ocean and all that live in it. We are aware of our continuous responsibility for the island environment and are dedicated to its clean up. We invest in our community, in its creativity and connection, building confidence and expanding their talent from Geraldton to Australia and beyond.

The Flotsam + Jetsam Story

It all began from the passion to give back. Having been raised on the Abrolhos Islands, Pia always had a fascination with items the tides brought in. As a child she enjoyed creating little works of art from the debris. She developed her idea of recycling island debris into an annual community event and so Flotsam + Jetsam was born.

With a love and absolute respect for the Islands, Pia is passionate about contributing towards preserving them. This is her way of showing gratitude to the ocean for giving her the beautiful pearls she grows.

Every year for over a decade, we dedicated ourselves to giving back with this purpose driven event, with a whopping 80+ tons of rubbish now removed since we started. From clean up to collection and finally the exhibition, it's a long journey.

Today Flotsam + Jetsam is so much deeper. It truly makes a difference in the wellbeing of the Island environment and the wellbeing of our local community.

Learn more about the 2024 Flotsam + Jetsam Exhibition

Clean up

Conservation of the Abrolhos Islands, home of our pearl farm, is of upmost importance to us. ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ launches the event. A community of volunteers travel to the Islands for 3 days, collect coastal debris, which has washed up, including plastics, ropes, old broken lobster pots, floats, wood, glass and much more.


The Flotsam and Jetsam is shipped back to Geraldton Fisherman’s Wharf where 1000's of people come from near and far to select materials to recycle into creative works of art. These are then curated into our annual Flotsam + Jetsam Exhibition.


Art and ocean clean-up come together for an incredibly unique and inspiring exhibition. 100’s of artworks made from debris brought back from the Abrolhos Islands is display at Latitude Jewellers showroom for a 4 week period. Learn more>


Be part of repurposing ocean debris into inspiring art, from neglect to protect. Select your materials, create and enter the 2024 Flotsam + Jetsam Exhibition. Learn more>

View New and Past Flotsam + Jetsam Entries



Contact us on or phone our Event Manager, Mariska on 0481 785 072.

Join the journey, follow us.

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