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‘Flotsam & Jetsam’ is an annual event that launches on ‘Clean up Australia’ day, the first Sunday of every March. Pioneered by Pia Boschetti in 2011 and run by her business Latitude Gallery Jewellers in Geraldton, Western Australia, the purpose of ‘Flotsam & Jetsam’ is not only to ‘clean up waste’, but also to ‘recycle waste’.


‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ begins with a Clean Up of The Abrolhos Islands, the location of Pia’s pearl farm. Pia explains….

“The Clean Up is our way of ‘giving back’ to nature. My volunteer team grows bigger each year, so we clear a huge amount of waste”.

Volunteers collect debris which has washed up on the Islands, including plastics, ropes, old broken pots, pot floats, wood, glass and much more.  

Following the Clean Up, the debris is carried back to the mainland and dropped off at Geraldton Fisherman’s Wharf. People come from near and far to select items that interest them for recycling into a creative work of Art.

Next, the ‘Latitude Flotsam & Jetsam Art Competition’ begins by entrants exhibiting their Artworks in Pia’s Jewellery Gallery over a period of weeks. Each year hundreds of people visit Latitude Gallery Jewellers during the exhibition to view the collection of spectacular Artworks made from recycled objects from the sea.

Finally, the time for Awards and prizes to be announced arrives, with Pia hosting a most popular evening event that is attended by many. 

Awards range from ‘Artistic View’ to ‘Junior Award’ with generous prizes such as a store vouches up to $1000, and a day trip to the Abrolhos Islands. Entrants also have the option of placing their Artworks up for sale, with prices ranging from $20 to thousands of dollars.  

The works of Art are outstanding every year...



View the 2020 exhibition



Having been raised around the Abrolhos Islands off the coast of Geraldton in Western Australia, and going on to run her own pearl farm there, Pia always had a fascination with interesting items the tides brought in. With a love and absolute respect for the Abrolhos Islands, and for all Australian waters and land, Pia has collected rubbish since she was a child and enjoyed creating little works of Art from this debris. 

Pia went on to become a pearl farmer at the Abrolhos Islands, where she continues to grow and sell her beautiful Abrolhos Pearls, and then opened her ‘Jewellery Art’ Gallery in Geraldton. In 2011 she developed her idea of recycling Island debris like she did during childhood into an annual community event of ‘clean up’ and ‘recycle’ once a year….and so…’Latitudes’ Flotsam & Jetsam was born. Pia views this as contributing towards preserving our country and our world, but also signifying her appreciation of what she receives from the waters of the Abrolhos Islands, her beautiful pearls….and a way of ‘giving back’.  



Coastal debris is known as ‘flotsam’ and ‘Jetsam’; the perfect name for this event. 

Flotsam meaning: the wreckage of a ship or its cargo found floating on or washed up by the sea. Floating remains; rubbish; debris; waste; discarded matter. 

Jetsam meaning: Unwanted material or goods that have been thrown overboard from a ship and washed ashore, especially material that has been discarded to lighten the vessel






The Clean Up Australia initiative was started by Kim McKay along with Bruce Carrick Kiernan AO (4 October 1940 – 16 October 2018. Bruce was an Australian yachtsman, property developer, builder, and environmental campaigner, and well known for co-founding the not-for-profit Clean Up Australia campaign. He also started a similar Clean Up the World operation 1993, serving as the event's chairman, the annual initiative attracted participation from 30 million volunteers in 80 countries.

Ian Kiernan being a Gentleman with a love of the ocean, we are sure he would have loved ‘Flotsam & Jetsam’  



“Every year my Team do an incredible job of helping bring our Flotsam & Jetsam event together. I’d like to Thank everyone for their hard work and dedication each year, Team members past, present and future. They always put in so much hard work…as do the volunteers, the artists and so many people in our community….and it’s all in the spirit of making our planet a better place. I hope you visit us one year here in Geraldton during our Flotsam & Jetsam event”.   

Pia in her Gallery and her 2019 team with Flotsam & Jetsam Artworks on display ready for Awards evening.