Transform Your Old Jewellery into New Custom Jewellery

Transform Your Old Jewellery into New Custom Jewellery

You know that collection of old broken chains, rings and earrings that have been collecting dust in your jewellery box for years? Now is a good time to put it to good use. Gold prices are at an all time high! Just last week gold’s value reached a record high of just over $2,990. What a great opportunity to trade up with your old jewellery to get some new jewellery you will truly love.

Just last week I traded in some old jewellery for a client they had a mix of broken chains, old rings 9ct and 18ct, also a mix of white and yellow gold we credited the customer the gold value so they could create a brand new piece with brand new gold in a brand new custom design. As you can imaging they were pleasantly surprised with the results. My first thought was: “Everybody should be doing this!” I mentioned this option to a few other clients and here are some more success stories:

  • One client wanted a special pendant made using her own pearls. We purchased some of her gold and it actually made the custom pendant she had made free!
  • Another client was hoping to remake her engagement ring from 30 years ago, she was looking to create a heavier ring using her own gold and diamond but her budget was smaller than our quote. I encouraged her to sell some of her old gold rings. After making $800 from the trade in, her budget matched perfectly into our price range! We are now  creating a beautiful new engagement ring for her – Using her original Round Brilliant Diamond.

So how can you use your old gold to get that new ring or bangle of your dreams? It is super easy we do all the work for you!  Just bring in your old gold (all of it - broken earrings, old chains, old broken rings) and discuss with our jeweller your options.

If you aren’t interested in new jewellery right now, but want to take advantage of the great gold prices, I can still help you! We buy gold for cash as well – so instead of having to go to a pawnbrokers you can just visit us in-store at Latitude Jewellers in Geraldton. Contact us here to make an appointment or call us directly on 08 9964 6601.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Pia Boschetti

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