The Signature Abrolhos Leeuwin Bracelet


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We believe that every piece of jewellery should tell a story, carrying with it the essence of its origin and the dedication infused into its creation. This style of bracelet was named after Leeuwin current that passes through the crystal clear waters of our Island Home. The Leeuwin current is a warm water current that passes though the Houtman Abrolhos - it is this warm water current that ensures the perfect conditions to grow our Black Lip Oysters which produces our Abrolhos Island Black Pearls. 

We created this uni-sex neoprene bracelet which features a home-grown pearl from our Pearl Farm at the Abrolhos Island. We often look for a pearl with a bit more character. The pearl is perfectly complimented by coral inspired cuffs. The mixed-metals looks fantastic and give you a unique, modern look. With no limitations to wearing either gold or silver, the mix of metals add a touch of class and edginess to your overall look.

This bracelet features:

  • Neoprene bracelet
  • Abrolhos Island Black Pearl
  • Sterling Silver Wide Collar
  • 9ct Yellow Gold Thin Collar
  • Sterling Silver Clasp
  • Size Small recommended for ladies, size Medium recommended for gents

Styled here with the Pia cuff and Island Bound Mabe Pendant

Designed and made at Latitude Jewellers

*Colour of pearl may vary

Ref: P7815

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