Basile Island Pendant in Silver with Abrolhos Black Pearl

Based on a small island located at the Abrolhos Islands, a place which holds much history of crayfishing.  Now a base for Pia Boschetti (the girl who grows the pearl), the founder of Latitude Jewellers, where she lives whilst working on the pearl farm.  Basile Island is full of colourful camps and even a church where the islanders gather for special occasions. The island tradition of coffee at 3pm still carries on today. The tour flights often fly over this island due to the collection of coloured camps or shacks as they are known as to the locals. 

Creating a pendant based on this island was a must for part of the Island Bound Collection. Made in Sterling Silver, the Solid Basile Island pendant features a 9-10mm Abrolhos Island Black Pearl, 4x 0.02ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, bezel set and a Sterling Silver solid bail. From the Latitude Island Bound Collection

Ref: P6811

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