Recreations-Featuring Pink Argyle Diamonds

Recreations-Featuring Pink Argyle Diamonds

Designed and made in our own store workshop, our ‘Recreations Collection’ was developed and launched in January 2021 by Pia Boschetti, our Founder; also known as "the-girl-who-grows-the-pearl".
Pia noticed a growing number of our supporters were asking if we could add an Australian PINK ARGLYE DIAMOND and/or an Australian YELLOW ELLENDALE DIAMOND into some of our most iconic existing collection jewellery, which of course we did.

It seemed that so many people wanting to own one of our top selling Collection jewellery items, also want to own an Australian PINK ARGLYE DIAMOND and/or Australian YELLOW ELLENDALE DIAMOND. And so, the idea was born to put this concept into a Collection of its own.

Today, you can enjoy one of our most iconic jewellery items, and also have the sentiment of proudly owning an Australian PINK ARGLYE DIAMOND and/or Australian YELLOW ELLENDALE DIAMOND in your design of choice.

Added to this, with Australian pink and yellow diamond values set to escalate rapidly, there is an investment aspect to purchasing a “Recreations’ piece of jewellery in you pink and/or yellow diamond. With the highest grade of quality and workmanship in Latitude Jewellery craftmanship, your ‘Recreations’ piece will become an heirloom for generations.

You can choose from our ready-made ‘Recreations’ jewellery or select a Latitude iconic Collection design you love, and have our jewellers place your pink and/or yellow diamond wherever you wish.

We have a sample of ‘Recreations’ stock to view (on this page or in-store), in various price ranges, however the choice is yours when it comes to style and budget. One thing we can promise. You can choose whatever style and price point you wish from $1250 upwards.

Contact one of our consultants today by email or phone or book your private in-store or online consultation here, lets create your ‘Recreations’ piece and make your first 2021 dream come true!

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