Meet Pia - The Girl With The Pearl Farm

Meet Pia - The Girl With The Pearl Farm

We received a boatload of insights from our Q&A with Pia Boschetti, Pearl Farmer and Founder of Latitude Jewellers. From the love of Alby Mangels to advice to her younger self. Take a read...

What movie was made for you? World Safari – Alby Mangels – I was mesmerised when I saw his World Safari adventure film when I was probably 8 years old. I always remember him and his dog and then that magnificent sailing boat through he sailed through the pacific.

What is your go to recipe bake for afternoon get-together by the sea?   Scones, strawberry Jam and Cream, especially on a rainy day at the Abrolhos Islands when its too rough to do anything else. Have done this since I was very young – this is an opportunity to catch up with friends, family and fishermen who talk about their day and tell old fishing stories.

Tell us about your pearl farm dream and being founder of Latitude Jewellers?  My dream when I started was to be able to have great brand so I could promote and sell all pearls from the Abrolhos and around the world.

Why a Jewellery brand?  Our jewellery brand grew bigger than I ever imagined – I’m so proud of it and I love the stories we tell through our designs. Having the freedom to create is so important to me! 

What mindset do you need to have to run a business like yours?  I would say Calm – am I calm – NO… although I spend my time trying to be – I am quite an erratic person and can easy go into overwhelm – as time has gone by I am now used to delegating and accepting help.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you since starting Latitude Jewellers?  I have to say I met my husband of 17 years through pearling at the Abrolhos Islands – I believe together we have assisted to grow the pearling industry at the Abrolhos. 

What’s your favourite collection? And how does it relate to your personality and who you are?  Hard to choose as it changes but the Abrolhos Seashell collection is it for now – oh and the Oily Calm Collection – reminds me of the ocean on an oily calm day – pure bliss! The seashell collection is made from tiny seashells collected from sea shores of the Abrolhos Islands – I have the Shell Charm Bracelet that I wear with my Pia Cuff and it just brings back memories of walking along the waters edge and being near the sea.  The Oily Calm Collection – just reminds me of being on the boat scooting through the ocean on an oily calm day. 

Creating your own dream and making it happen, why is that important to you?  Creating a dream is one thing as I have many – but making it a reality well that’s whole other ball game. I think one of my natural gifts is sharing my vision with my team and people I’m surrounded by – I entice them with my vision then my dream is easily turned into a reality this has been proven with designing new jewellery collections – my team of jewellers have always embraced my vision.  And also with Flotsam and Jetsam Art Exhibition – I feel I am surrounded by people who want to make things happen – my fall down is when I don’t ask enough for help… ultimately dreams are ideas that make the world go round.

What do you love about your showroom?  The feeling it gives me, welcoming and contemporary. The open white fresh space the stylish cabinets.  When you walk in it’s like walking into an art gallery but the art is our jewellery. I love the way there is space to walk around and just enjoy the moment. I always tell my team that when a customer comes into our store pretend they have paid an entry fee and give them the tour… it’s a really good way to share our story with the world

What is your favourite jewellery piece?  That’s a tough one but the earrings I wore on my wedding day – they are 18ct white gold huggie style with diamonds and 2 beautiful pink pearls from the Islands – pink is one of the rarest colours we get and to find a pair was so lucky… these are the earrings I still wear to this day – whether I’m on the boat at the pearl farm, our fishing, driving boats, walking the dog and to work. Although I never sleep with my jewellery on so this pair of earrings are really easy for me to remove. 

What are your top tips for an effortless, ‘love your look by Latitude’ style?  Don’t be scared to mix styles, I often wear my Pia Cuff alongside by Shell Charm Bracelet then I downplay it by adding a beaded elastic bracelet made up of aquamarine and rose quartz. Earrings are my most important accessory – I even wear earrings when I’m out working on the sea – I feel earring’s remind me of my femininity – so even in my wet weather overalls and sea boots my earrings are a must for every day wear!

Pia Boschetti

What single pieces of advice would you give to your younger self? Trust your intuition and realise its ok to use your voice and express your opinion. Make a decision – give it your best shot and if it doesn’t work out – big deal!   And Perhaps listen a little more to people instead of talking so much.

What phrase describes how you live your life?  I’d rather regret something I’ve done than regret something I didn’t do!  

Pia Boschetti

Pia Boschetti 'The Girl Who Grows the Pearl'


Thanks Pia!

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