Iconic Signature Series

Signature Series Love Story

Prepare to embark on a journey, a love story. 

Where the beauty of nature and our deep passion for the pristine Abrolhos Islands is shared to you through our unique jewellery creations featuring our own home-grown Abrolhos Pearls and Australian Diamonds. Both timeless and contemporary these pieces are beautifully handcrafted and brought to you in our Signature Series.

Our Signature Series is a collection of our most iconic and most loved pieces that are an elevated addition to any evolving jewellery story. Founded upon the breathtaking beauty of our home and inspired by islands, contours and oceans. 

We believe that every piece of jewellery should tell a story, carrying with it the essence of its origin as part of its design and creation. This collection offers you the freedom to express yourself and create your own signature style. It gives you a reflection of all the beautiful stories and moments in your life that have made you who you are today. A memory, a celebration for you now that you can treasured forever.

All pieces are designed at our studio workshop in Geraldton, Western Australia, by expert jewellers. Here's a few of my favourites:

Designed to be an heirloom for generations to come, our Pia Cuff features two of our homegrown Abrolhos Pearls.


A unique, delicate touch to your ears, our Slim island hoops with interchangeable black pearls.


A versatile neoprene piece the Abrolhos Leeuwin Bracelet, adorned with Abrolhos Island Black Pearl.


Close to your heart and our home, inspired by the seas and shoreline of the Abrolhos Islands, Island Bound Wave Pendant with Abrolhos Mabe Pearl.


Our Signature Series also embraces our purpose, we are driven by the freedom to create and dedicated to craftsmanship. Every piece is a testament to our commitment to creating jewellery that transcends time and captures the essence of your life and its evolution, embodying each new chapter as it unfolds. 

Celebrate your unique beauty and timeless stories and unlock an everlasting love story with Latitude’s Signature Series... No one pearl is the same, shape and colour always varies so each time you receive a piece of Latitude jewellery know it is as unique as you!

We welcome consultations, either in person or via virtual appointments, to discuss and create your signature style, just contact us here.

We’re honoured to be part of your jewellery story.

Pia x

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