Designer Jeweller Darylle Kelly

Designer Jeweller Darylle Kelly

It is a great honor to be able to exhibit the jewellery of Australian Designer Jeweller  Darylle Kelly.  Her jewellery has unique flow and showcases pearls and unique gemstones, from Diamonds, Aquamarines, Garnets, Sapphires just to name a few.  Its the way she combines them together that creates such a unique work of art.

Darylle Kelly is one of Australia's most original South Sea Pearl and Gemstone jewellery designers. She is a qualified Gemmologist and awarded member of the Gold and Silver Smith’s Guild of Australia.

From her first handmade ring in 1973, Darylle has established her reputation over the last forty-two years by the unique sculptural technique of her designs.

"I am inspired by the gemstones and pearls I use to create my work. I consider myself an artist, who makes jewellery.".

With her fine arts background, Darylle employs her visual language of painting and drawing to each piece of jewellery. Her recognisable style conveys a synergy of line, form, texture and colour through superb design and workmanship.

Darylle's range of jewellery pieces include rings, earrings, pendants, strands of South Sea pearls, mixed gemstone and pearl necklaces.  

We are honoured to be able to exhibit Darylle's wonderful collection of jewellery at each of our galleries located in Noosa Qld, Montville Qld and Geraldton, WA.

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