Back to the Islands

Back to the Islands

Well, yes I needed to get back to Western Australia to check on the pearl farm at the Abrolhos Islands and it was absolutely amazing....

The weather was oily calm, the sun was shining on the way over in my boat we came across a pod of dolphins and schools of sharks feeding on mulies (small fish).  This is something that you don't get to see everyday. 

Our first meal was Western Australian rock lobster (we call them crays) gosh it was yummy.....cooked it myself, the crew were more than happy with that. The second meal was fresh coral trout and pink snapper lightly floured and pan fried. Third meal was an Island Barbeque because someone on the island had caught a spanish mackeral and our tradition is when that happens so does a communal BBQ, this time it was at my camp (house). Some folk had a late night.

Did I forget say yes I was working on the pearl farm, gosh it was good to get back there I enjoyed driving my boat, checking over the pearl farm,  even enjoyed cleaning the pearl shell which is not the nicest of tasks on the farm but good weather, good crew and great location as well as being able to be with my family at the same time, made it one of the best trips so far.  We were getting ready for this years seeding and harvest and also grading the new shell received last September. 

My team was made up of a great crew most who have worked for me before they all love the opportunity to get back to the Abrolhos Islands.  We also took Joel who is 14 and on school holidays, he loved it, we made him work hard for the money, he worked quick.... his mother was impressed when we delivered him back home. His comment was 'Mum I want to work on boats'  I hope his dream comes true because working on the ocean is so fulfilling for me... I love it and have missed it recently as my efforts have been focused more on designing, marketing and selling the pearls more so than growing them at the moment.  So it was great to get my hands dirty and do a few hard days work... mind you I did get to go paddleboarding, kayaking and snorkelling.  

I did get to have the 3pm coffee at the Scarpuzza's house (which has been a tradition on Basile Island for over 55 years). I took along my home made scones with jam and cream.

A tour boat named the Eco-Abrolhos called in to have a look at the island church and to view how we grow pearls as well.  I bought in some seeded pearl shell for them and harvested some pearls, they seemed quite impressed. 

I am also very thankful for the life I lead at the moment, even though sometimes challenging trying to fit everything in, getting the chance to spend time at those islands has truly refreshed my spirit, I'm excited about our new harvest of pearls to come, new design ideas and exciting new pieces to show you.

Enjoy your day and kind regards
Pia Boschetti
'the girl who grows the pearl'

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