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1. Signature Flute Earrings with Abrolhos Pearls:

Timeless elegance meets contemporary style. These delicate shepherd hook earrings feature exquisite Abrolhos Island Black Pearls, adding a unique and beautiful touch. Valued at $1,595.00.

2. Island Bound Wave Pendant with Abrolhos Mabe Pearl:

Inspired by the enchanting Abrolhos Islands, this pendant adds a creative twist to your collection. The stunning Abrolhos Mabe pearl is elegantly encased in a solid gold bezel for comfort and everyday wearability. Valued at $2,395.00.

3. Slim Lexi Ring with Abrolhos Pearl:

Experience the pure connection between you and the sea with our captivating Abrolhos Island Black Pearl Ring. Set your soul free with this exquisite piece sourced from our Latitude Pearl Farm. Valued at $1,595.00.

Included: • Authenticity certificates • Full 12-month warranty • Complimentary ring resize • Free shipping • Hassle-free 30-day returns • Gift wrapped

• Embrace Your Journey • Elevate & Cherish Your Appearance • Simplify Styling • Enhance Well-Being


“Pearls touch my heart with their radiance & beauty, offering virtues of love & grace.”

Part of our Iconic Signature Series

Timeless and contemporary pieces meticulously handcrafted with love for our island home. Each creation is a refined addition to your evolving jewellery story, inspired by breathtaking coastlines. Celebrating natural beauty and individuality, our designs are one-of-a-kind treasures crafted in our Geraldton workshop. Embrace our collection that reflects beautiful stories and treasured moments, destined to be cherished forever.

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Unparalleled Beauty of Australian Abrolhos Island Pearls

Our black pearls, sourced directly from our own Abrolhos Island pearl farm, are pristine and untouched. With a rare lustre that sets them apart, these pearls reflect your own radiance. Cultivated in the pristine waters of the Abrolhos Islands, each pearl tells a captivating tale. Meticulously selected based on excellence, our pearls represent a mere 0.01% of global production. Experience the exceptional with a Latitude Australian Abrolhos Island pearl, a cherished gemstone of unparalleled beauty.

Latitude Heritage

As a prestigious jewellery brand in Geraldton, Western Australia, Latitude Jewellers has devoted over a decade to crafting exquisite Australian Abrolhos Island pearl jewellery. We meticulously select the finest materials, including pristine Australian South Sea Pearls and Australian Pink Diamonds, to fashion our pieces. Recognized as authorities in Abrolhos Island pearl jewellery, Latitude Jewellers represents a proud family-owned Pearl Farm legacy. When you choose a Latitude Australian Abrolhos pearl, you invest in generations of seafaring history and acquire a precious gem.

Committed to Sustainability

At Abrolhos Islands, we prioritize a pristine future through our unwavering commitment to sustainability. We adhere to strict regulations and actively engage in environmental clean-up initiatives, including our annual Flotsam and Jetsam program. By raising our oyster stock shells in a hatchery, we ensure the enduring vitality of pearling at Abrolhos Islands for future generations. Join us in our efforts to create a sustainable world.

Indulge in the allure of the islands with our beautiful set of exquisite signature pieces. It's time to escape island bound.

Save $685 now! Limited time only, just $4,900. Don't miss out on this incredible offer!

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