Latitude Jewellers

Latitude Jewellers is an Australian luxury jewellery brand known for its island inspired designs made for everyday wear and its beautiful home grown Australian Black Pearls. With over a decade of expertise, we meticulously handcraft exquisite jewellery including pearls sourced directly from our own pearl farm. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our selection of the finest materials, including Australian South Sea pearls and exquisite Australian pink diamonds from the Argyle mine.

The Girl with the Pearl Farm

While many young women only dream of wearing pearls, Pia Boschetti is happy farming them in the remote waters at the Abrolhos Islands. Pearl Farmer + Latitude Founder, Pia's journey is inspiring, known as 'The girl who grows the pearl' she shapes the very soul of the brand. She stands as a beacon of determination and belief, finding power in challenges and beauty in the unknown.

Australian Black Pearls

Our Latitude Australian Black Pearls are rare and exquisite with a lustre like no other in the world, so incredible you can see your reflection in them. Direct from our own Abrolhos Island Pearl Farm, Western Australia. Our black pearls are pure, untouched and naturally radiant. Highly sought after, each Latitude Pearl has its own beautifully unique story to tell. Learn more.

Design Ethos

Through our ‘Creative Freedom’ ethos, we offer the wearer a design that’s always contemporary, innovative and unconfined. Our designs are inspired by our love of our island home, the Abrolhos Islands. Shaped by sea shores and coastlines with a raw natural influence. We believe that every pieces of jewellery should tell a story. Carrying with it the essence of its origin, a dedication infused into its creation and encapsulating the beauty of the gem. We hope our designs offer you a freedom and determination to follow your dreams. It’s the heart and soul of where we came from, what we do and who we are. See Core values.


When you choose Latitude Jewellers, you become part of our family and join our everlasting journey. For over a decade, we’ve prided ourselves on providing premium service, a commitment that continues to this day. We offer custom and bespoke design at our Geraldton Studio Workshop. Learn more or book a consultation today.

Flagship Showroom

Located in the heart of the coastal town of Geraldton, Western Australia. We are a family-owned business and have been creating beautiful Australian Black Pearl Pearl Jewellery for more than a decade. Discover the Latitude Experience today at our beautiful contemporary showroom. Learn more.

Giving Back

Latitude Jewellers is committed to the support of arts and culture in the community. We believe artists deepen humanity’s connection to the natural world and through their creativity transform the lives of others. We are dedicated to insuring the pristine future of the Abrolhos Islands. We enforce strict sustainable processes and are committed to the environmental clean up through our annual Flotsam and Jetsam initiative. We also invest in our younger community, building creative connection and confidence through our Young Jewellers initiative.

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