Inspired by Tranquil Days at Sea

Inspired by serene days on the ocean, when “you only see small gentle folds on the ocean as you stream through the water,” the Oily Calm Collection captures the essence of quiet beauty and tranquility. Each piece is meticulously crafted in solid metal, featuring carved designs that echo the stillness of the sea. This unisex collection embodies understated elegance and the calming power of nature, making it perfect for those who appreciate the serene moments life offers.

Treasures of the Sea

The Oily Calm Collection incorporates the natural treasures of the sea, including precious gems and sparkling diamonds that mimic sunlight dancing on the waves. Featured to this collection are our unique Australian Abrolhos Island Black Pearls direct from our own Pearl Farm, each one a memento of the ocean’s depths. These pearls are carefully selected for their exceptional quality and beauty, ensuring that every piece in the collection is crafted to be loved forever.