Company Profile

Company Profile

Latitude Jewellers is situated in the evolving heart of Geraldton’s Marine Terrace in Western Australia. Opened by pearl farmer Pia Boschetti, who is known as ‘The Girl Who Grows the Pearl’, the Gallery began as an outlet to promote her rare Abrolhos pearls, which she continues to grow today on her pearl farm at The Abrolhos Islands off the coast of Geraldton. 


Pia went on to discover she had a passion for creating innovative jewellery designs for her pearls, and a heart-felt need for every jewellery item to have its story told. One such story can be shared about the popular Latitude Jewellers Starfish Pendant, made today in gold and silver with multiple options of textures and gemstones. This design began with a fisherman who found a starfish on the shores of The Abrolhos Islands which he loved and wanted to treasure. Pia replicated the starfish in solid precious metal, so he could keep it forever in its long-lasting gold form. Pia’s genuine, creative, enthusiastic and unique character and ideas became so popular, that she moved to the much larger premises of Latitude Jewellers today.


The success of Pia’s ‘freedom to create’ philosophy where jewellers and customers have a boundary free opportunity to create jewellery that defines art; and of attaching the story and meaning to all her jewellery designs, has grown to such an extent, that the brand in now known internationally. 

The store now showcases an extensive range of beautiful creative Jewellery custom made to combine Gems of Land and Sea, and with its contemporary yet rustic feel, it is a pleasure to visit. Many of the jewellery styles feature pearls from Australia and around the globe, most especially, pearls grown at Pia’s pearl farm. The pearl designs are very often accented with other beautiful gemstones, including many from Australia, notably pink and yellow Diamonds from the Argyle and Ellendale mines in the Kimberly region of Australia. 


Latitude Jewellers is spacious and bright. From the moment you walk in you’ll experience a comfortable friendly artistic vibe. The store features an inspiring range of custom designed and crafted Jewellery, focused on Abrolhos Island Black Pearls, Akoya Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Broome Pearls, Australian Diamonds and Australian coloured gemstones. It is open six days a week for sales, custom makes, repairs and consultations, and has an extensive website for purchases as well.


Latitude Jewellers is more than a just a place to buy exquisite jewellery at all price points, it is a great place to visit and experience; a journey to enjoy.  

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