Young Jewellers Awards October 2020

Young Jewellers Awards October 2020

2020 marks our 6th year of hosting the Young Jewellers Award competition, and event I started as a way of giving our local high school students studying jewellery making, and opportunity to enter into a contest with Geraldton’s leading professional and creative Jewellers. I wanted to instil our philosophies in potential budding jewellery artists of creating jewellery without boundaries, and freely, yet ensuring the quality is high. 

From taking the students through a process of understanding what we do at Latitude Jewellers, how creativity, freedom in design choice and story telling are our philosophies in how they should begin when thinking about what they will make……

To the finished items…..I love every stage of this event!

Look at these samples of a few previous year student entries. Amazing right!

In previous years, the amazing students have certainly come through with fulfilling these objectives. Not only amazingly creative, unique designs, but some extremely clever workmanship as well.

This year is no different! Despite being a worldwide crisis this year with so much tragedy and insurmountable changes to life as we knew it, the high school jewellery students of 2020 in Geraldton have created some outstanding jewellery designs for our Young Jewellers Award competition this year!

I have commented before that there is more to jewellery making that just making jewellery.  The skills these students have used this year included listening to design brief, creating a design and then making it. Also, the words they use in describing their piece are fantastic, and again as I have said previously that’s marketing, so there is more to this contest than just making a nice piece of jewellery. This process can help them find their own career direction which could be marketing and promotion, journalism, design. They also learn to focus well in jewellery making for this contest, and discipline themselves to ensure they finish what they started. Of course they also get to feel a sense of achievement and I strongly believe this is the beginning of establishing a positive work ethic and maybe helping them establish and define the goals they might like to achieve in their future.

I am very proud of how well this initiative has been received each year, by students, parents, teachers and the community, especially this year of 2020 unprecedented challenges.



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