Young Jewellers Award 2017

Young Jewellers Award 2017

Today Zanah the manager of the gallery asked me why I like doing the Young Jewellers Award… I had to sit back and question myself and my motivation.

Firstly back 3 years ago we started our Young Jewellers Award competition. Initially it was because we like to promote and encourage the freedom to create and we thought it would be great to offer this to a group of students and of course we like holding exhibitions.    Last year it was about promoting how the students had advanced with the jewellery and it definitely was more professional.

But this year I felt it was more about the inspiration with kids or should I call them young adults of the future, after the feedback we received last year from both the students and their parents I have come to realise this course just by entering has given the students a sense of pride and ownership.  Working within the parameters of of rules and guidelines and working to a deadline, having to deliver on time and especially the sense of pride I see in them being entrusted with one of our Abrolhos Island Black pearls so yes I'm sure you'd agree the Young Jewellers Award has grown to mean so much more to all of us. 

Theres more to jewellery making that just making jewellery .  The skills they used were listening to design brief then creating. Also the words they use in describing their piece actually that’s marketing… its not just about jewellery because not everyone can become a jeweller there probably isnt enough jobs but the process itself does help them find their own direction which could be marketing and promotion, journalism, design and more importantly being able to  finishing what they started to feel a sense of achievement and I strongly believe this is the creation of establishing a positive work ethic and maybe helping them establish and define the goals they might like to achieve in their future.

I am very proud that this initiative has been received so well by students,  parents, teachers and the community.

The over all Young Jeweller of the Year Award went to Caden Baker who made the Avocado.  The Avocado was made of   We found this piece quite unique for a number of reasons, firstly its originality and risk of design featuring just the avocado… the use of mixed metals which included beaten copper on the back, silver on the front then the pearl recessed in the middle topped of with an articulated leaf bail. We found this piece satisfied our desire of design  and definitely thinking outside the square.

The Nagle Catholic College - Principal's Choice Award was Kaylee Gray with her entry called Cuttlefish Killers.

The Geraldton Senior College - Principal's Choice Award was Kaylee Meyr with a flower inspired ring.

The Gallery Choice Award winner was Emma Hallewel with a sun inspired ring.

The People's Choice Award winner was Taharmi Bos which is an infinity inspired mabe pearl pendant.

Our expectations for this years Young Jewellers Award Competition has definitely exceeded expectations and we are looking forward to running this event in 2018.  You can view the entries at Latitude Gallery Geraldton 169 Marine Terrace, Geraldton or view on our facebook page here

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Pia Boschetti


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