Live Broadcast Special

Live Broadcast Special

During today's live facebook broadcast I mentioned a couple of things.

1.  A heart mabe that my husband gave me that I had previously made just a simple necklet.   I've now decided to have that heart pendant made into a more precious design in Gold with diamonds and I will be sharing the process with you all ie suggested designs and also progress photos.

2. Flotsam and Jetsam, remember if you are entering your artwork needs to be in tomorrow (Friday 29th May) call us to make arrangements.

3. I mentioned that when you purchase something from Latitude Gallery Jewellers we offer complimentary cleaning on all jewellery purchases.  We do this to reduce our  customers chance of losing diamonds and gems because we can check over the jewellery as sometimes the claws are worn or there may already be a diamond missing.   We would like to extend this special service to our current clients and  new clients. This weeks GIVEAWAY. is  FREE clean and POLISH (includes Rhodium Plating for White gold pieces) Limit of 3 items per customer for jewellery purchased elsewhere and is offered until next Friday 5th of June 2020. 

If you'd like to watch our live feeds remember to follow us on facebook.

And I'll see you at Latitude Gallery Jewellers, where our very skilled jewellers are waiting to give your jewellery that extra sparkle. 


Pia #the_girl_who_grows_the_pearl

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