The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

Last night I went to an outdoor cinema and watched the Lion King which was absolutely amazing - before I had only seen the cartoon version and this version just blew me away.. It was especially important - as most of you probably already are aware that this years theme for the Flotsam and Jetsam by Latitude Art Exhibition is TRIBUTE TO THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. 


Flotsam and Jetsam is where we collect debri that has washed ashore at the Abrolhos Islands and we bring back to town for artists to turn into wonderful works of art. The exhibition will open on the evening of the 30th April 2023 and will run for approximately 1 month.

The @flotsam_and_jetsam_by_latitude annual art exhibition holds such a special place in my heart.. It’s not a commercial event, it’s not about making money .. it’s about creating a community spirit that connects all of us.. I look back on last year and think of all wonderful memories created - not just mine but all the artists, all the people who helped collect the rubbish, all the people who helped promote the event, all the sponsors and all of the public that came and viewed the artworks ..

I was inspired last night so I made a cool little video for Insta and Facey..with the music Circle of Life...if you're interested you can WATCH THE REEL HERE


And if your interested in entering Flotsam you can read more here.

It's so exciting at the moment as we're all trying to ensure the Select your Materials event is publicised enough to ensure all the public come down and take all the debri we collected away so people can create and make their artwork.


Here's some sneak peaks from last year.


And remember if you would like to know more information view web page here or email

Hope you get your art on!!


Pia Boschetti




Sponsors: @seastockwa @reddustholdings @kmphotography62 @sikoyadesign @mid_west_ports @shineaviation @bataviacoastmaritimeheritageassoc @bhagwanmarine@youngsonthehighway @latitudejewellers @getaway_outdoors_geraldton @abrolhosaquacultureaustralia @the_girl_who_grows_the_pearl

Abrolhos Island Pearl Farmer

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