Easter at the Islands

Easter at the Islands

Easter has always been a special time for me. Growing up at the Abrolhos Islands waiting for Easter bunny to row his boat over with all the eggs to deliver was so magical to me. Especially all the bunny prints that we would investigate on Easter Sunday. Even now all these years later I feel so lucky to be able to share this experience with my daughter. Watching the full moon rise over the sea each night it’s like the natural world is putting on a show just for us.

I’m heading over again this weekend as well as for Easter, I will be checking on the pearl farm, need to make sure none of the long lines that home our pearl shells are broken. The general upkeep of the pearl farm takes quite a bit of time. Cleaning the pearl oysters every month, grading out the small ones and then soughting the ones that would be due for seeding.

This trip I plan a bit of life balance too, so will be teaching a couple of yoga classes, enjoying making home cooked scones with my daughter taking her fishing, snorkelling and exploring... perhaps even a game of scrabble and monopoly.

Then there will be a gathering at the local hall where fishermen and friends take time gather and catch up. Sometimes we only get to see our friends and associates at the islands at these events as we are all either farming or fishing.

I just love the community feel of being able to experience the Abrolhos from this perspective. I do feel very lucky that Pearl farming and fishing was the choice I made over 20’years ago. I’ve met many interesting people along the way... from workers, to suppliers, to scientists who now I consider life long friends..  and then I can't forget to mention I met my husband of over 16 years Murray Davidson through my adventures of pearl farming.

Murray was actually the very first pearl farmer at the Abrolhos Islands.


Since our union we have both continued to develop aquaculture at the Abrolhos Islands, from just one species to now 3 different types of pearl oysters, akoya, blacklip and pteria penguin to now seaweed and other species of interest. Murray also has developed a pearl oyster breeding hatchery also located on one of the islands which has supplied both our farms with shell. Have to admit, they're always ups and down in aquaculture and you often only hear of the good but we’ve been through a lot. Especially being exposed to the natural elements of this wonderful place, wind, swells water temperature - sometimes these factors work with us and then against but at least we can say we always continue on just like a farmer on the land, some years are good are some “not so good”. Together we feel we can take on the world… having the support of my husband with the extra things we do has been immeasurable. Flotsam and Jetsam, my Jewellery Store Latitude Jewellers, and as a father to our beautiful daughter Olive. Murray is my constant foundation and rock.

I know that I am known for growing beautiful pearls.. but what I’m most proud of is the beautiful daughter I have that we bring up together. Whether it's at the Abrolhos Islands or at home in Geraldton... sometimes I just want to say a big thank you to Murray and everyone who has support me over the years.

I wish you all a wonderful Easter and hope you get to spend it with family and friends. 


Pia Boschetti

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