Pia's Most Favourite Pieces

Pia's Most Favourite Pieces

When you're having to choose Gifts it can sometimes seem overwhelming... and we get caught up with  "Will they like it or not", "How much should we spend" and even "What colour metal should you buy!"


We're here to make your gift giving easy and effortless and we can help you with all your questions.  To make it easy I thought it would be a great idea to select some personal favourite's of mine and they are on most of our followers wish lists like the Pia CuffsLexi rings and the items from the Shell Collection

The Worn Shell Pendant is actually one of our most popular items from the Abrolhos Sea Shell Collection.

This would be because:

A. The inspiration for design is from the Abrolhos Islands

B. It features one of our very own Abrolhos Island Black Pearls - Keshi

C. The price in our under $500 Collection for $495

N.B  - The Worn Shell Pendant is also available in 9ct yellow gold $1995

When we create our jewellery pieces - I like to create different versions to cover a range of price points too!


For example our new Infinity Collection has been made featuring Lab Grown Diamonds - but our clients can order this collection in Natural Diamonds the only difference is the price point.  The quality of Lab Grown diamonds is actually quite amazing - with the same chemical make up of natural diamonds - but featuring the quality, hardness and most of all the same beauty.

And of course everybody loves the Pia Cuff - here's a pic of me wearing it when I was in Europe earlier this year. I always wear it with my Shell Charm Bracelet. 


Featuring our very own Abrolhos Island Pearls.  And if you're looking for silver bracelets - you can find the Pia Cuff in Sterling Silver also on our website and instore.


I have so many items I like to recommend so I've created this link here for you to browse if you wish... also you can always contact us at Latitude Jewellers where one of consultants can help you phone 0899646601.

Now to the fun part... if you're in Geraldton over the holidays  think about visiting the beautiful Abrolhos Islands where our gorgeous Abrolhos Island Pearls (Black Pearls) are farmed 70km off the coast of Geraldton.  There are a few ways to get there - here are some I recommend.

1. Shine Aviation offers a day tour flights - includes a 40 minute flight, snorkelling, morning tea and lunch.

3. Eco Abrolhos - offer 4 - 5 night cruises.

All of the above are a fantastic way to visit the Abrolhos Islands.

I hope you enjoy your Shopping, Island Trips and your family festivities.


Pia Boschetti


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