Our NEW Latitude Jewellers APP is live!

Our NEW Latitude Jewellers APP is live!

I must admit I was just a little hesitant to start with. When people tell me not to do something in business, I usually do it! And creating our amazing NEW Latitude Jewellers App was just another reason to go against the tide. So me being me thought we would just try it and wow, what a great decision.

So I’m so excited to introduce the launch of our new app. It’s free and offers you a faster and easier way to shop our jewellery when you are on the go at your fingertips. 

I knew our mobile customers wanted a faster, easier way to find something amazing and I knew they wanted to be able to do it anyway because these people like to get around. Creating this app was the best way to answer the call. The ease of use that comes with our mobile app makes it instantly attractive for an easier way to shop.

I love this APP (yes, I know I’m a little bias), fast, smooth, easy, app- exclusive offers, push notification, instant alerts, save your favourites… I could go on but you get the drift. 

Ok, I’ll go on, I really love the way you can so easily find a specific jewellery piece that you might be looking for. Like say you wanted an Abrolhos Pearl Pendant, too easy, just tap collections, tap Abrolhos Pearl Pendants, voila! My existing customers have told us that now it’s TOO easy!

Fast! So much to do and so little time, tell me about it! Our app offers you super fast shopping and super fast checkout. Need a birthday gift for her? Tap, tap, tap and it’s on it’s way. 

To help you celebrate our app launch, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, we have an App-Exclusive 20% OFF your first purchase. Why wait, install NOW!

And don’t forget to give us a review on the app-store.


Kind regards as always,

Pia Boschetti




  • Lynda said:

    I’m loving your new APP!

    June 22, 2022

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