Love The Look

Love The Look

And there I was. I was about to go live with my first ‘Do you love the look?’ Video series and I came to a realisation…

I don’t love the look. 

Was the white linen pants, was it the on-brand blue blouse? Or maybe the new color in my hair with a Stunning Lashes? I couldn’t put my finger on it but once I added my jewellery I knew exactly what to wear.

I love the look of my jewellery as do so many of our customers. Our Latitude Signature Series is our most iconic and most loved ever. 

This collection also embraced our purpose, we are driven by the freedom to create, dedicated to craftsmanship and deeply in love with protecting and preserving the home of our pearl farm, the Abrolhos Islands. Learn More

But more than anything these timeless pieces are contemporary, beautiful, and created with so many stories inspired by the Islands. From the Island Bound Pelsaert Bangle with the shape of the longest island located at the Abrolhos Islands, captured and etched out in the design. To the beautiful designs featuring our own home grown Abrolhos Island Black Pearls. Like the Black Pearl Flute Earrings and the gorgeous Bella Ring, so many stories to tell… It’s a perfect collection to find your signature style.

Just recently, I returned from a European trip and these three pieces from the collection came with me every where, so easy… 

The 'Pia cuff', one of our most iconic and popular designs. Intended to be so timeless in design and style, it becomes a family heirloom to be treasured for generations. And it’s personality design my me.

Our Huggies are a classic, effortless and exceptional in design and beauty. They’re a must-have earring for contemporary classic style and look.

The Moroccan Drop, modern and magical, bringing you the elegance of a distinctive hand-crafted design and a touch of the exotic.

In that moment, deciding what to wear, before lighting up Facebook, I found my look and I love the look and it was these iconic pieces that made the difference. 

Why not define your signature style with our effortless, iconic and timeless jewellery from our Signature Series. Shop Now.


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Kind regards as always,

Pia Boschetti


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