Love Diamond Inclusions

Love Diamond Inclusions

It was interesting today as I was working at our jewellery store in Montville, Queensland.  A lovely lady came in and as we were chatting she asked us about inclusions in diamonds.  She said she took her ring to a jeweller (not specified) and asked if it was worth anything and if she could make it into something.  The jeweller was very hesitant and also mentioned it would of been a fantastic diamond if it didn't have the inclusion.  So this got me thinking what does make a beautiful diamond.  I think there are a number of things that makes a beautiful diamond.  I also researched a bit on the NET and I came across this comment on a random site

"I absolutely love my diamond and setting that my husband picked out. My diamond does however have an inclusion that is visible to the naked eye. This bothered me the first few months that we were engaged, but when I began receiving compliments from strangers about my ring, I didn’t care anymore. I received 3 compliments from 3 seperate strangers at the mall yesterday. Not one person has even mentioned to me about the inclusion in my diamond.

One more reason that I love my ring is that if I ever take it in to get worked on, I know that it will be my diamond that I am getting back just by looking at the placement of the inclusion.

So for anyone out there who is self conscious about their inclusions in their diamonds, don’t be, I think it makes the diamond that much more special.

Here is a picture of my ring right after he proposed. You actually cannot even see the inclusion in this picture, even though it is towards the center of the diamond

I thought this was a lovely testimonial that I found because what is it that makes us love our jewellery? Is it:

  • The person who gave it to you?
  • Where the stone came from?
  • The unusual marks and inclusions that make your diamond original, natural and identifiable?
  • The design chosen for that original piece?
  • Was it handed down from generations ago?

I am not saying just buy any diamond, but there will be one that jumps out at you and it might just not be the colour D, VVS1 but one that might have more of a story to tell for now and future generations.

To learn more about what to look for when buying a diamond follow this link on the JAA website, it will be very helpful for you.

Find out more about diamond grading

When the time is right for you Latitude Gallery will be able to assist with your diamond requirements from purchasing the diamond to designing your wonderful piece.  Our design service is complimentary.

Kind Regards

Pia Boschetti

General Manager

'the girl who grows the pearl'

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