Before + After: Showroom Transformation

Before + After: Showroom Transformation

Look how far we’ve come in just one year! I feel very proud, our showroom transformation is beautiful (if I do say so myself). Check out these before and afters!

With the additional challenges of Covid effecting not just businesses but each and everyone of us on a deeper level it was time to take a step forward. Gone is the dark exterior and black windows, here’s to fresh crisp white.

Our showroom represents who we are today and who we want to be for you. We’ve worked to capture an open, contemporary and welcoming space that flows with all that we value most in life and the essence of our 'freedom to create’.

We’ve updated not just our look but every aspect of the experience we offer. From the moment you see our showroom front with its clean face to the calming feeling you receive as you walk in the door. It flows with a friendly and easy vibe that makes shopping with us so enjoyable.

We tried to avoid trends and stick to things that felt classic, valuable and timeless, things that reflect our jewellery and craftsmanship. We wanted the space to be simple, inspiring and beautiful and feel appropriate for the shopping experience our customers want today. And we still have a way to go with some gorgeous new showroom furniture pieces on their way.

Don’t you love a before and after! When I look at these photos, what we have achieved really hits home. We’ve come a long way, thanks to our amazing team, we’ve taken that step forward, into a whole new light.

Why not come by and say hello and check it out for yourself… you might not want to leave.




Kind regards as always,

Pia Boschetti


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