Wildflower Competition Winners

Wildflower Competition Winners

Wow what a great competition the EASTER2020 Wildflower Colouring in comp was … so many entries from people of all ages. I think the youngest was 5 yrs old. 

I just love the way the community engages in these types of projects.  During these times when it's school holidays and a lot of people working from home and home schooling finding projects to do seemed to be welcomed.

Was so impressed by each entry, so unique  a special mention would have to go to Jack and Mackenzie a couple of kids who instead of colouring in the picture they went and collected leaves and flowers to place over the picture like a collage.

Jack and Mackenzie Winners of most Creative

Then we have people who were quite precise with their artistic skills like Stephanie Alcock who created a wood look in the background and incorporated some very pretty colours into the wildflowers.

Winner of Latitude Gallery prize chosen by Pia

Another entrant Amanda Jackson got out her pens and pencils she said she hadn’t coloured in for years (Amanda just turned 50) and she enjoyed every minute of it…. She actually got the most votes on facebook…

Winner of the Most Votes on Facebook Amanda Jackson

How this idea came about.... well my cousin was the one who rang me about 3 weeks ago and said PIA whilst your shop is shut you should do a colouring in contest… I thought it sounded like a good idea but wasn’t sure how to action it..  

But I found a way… you see within our team we all take a proactive and collective approach to creating ideas.  I did mention this to one of my team members and within a day she said "Hey Pia you should use the Wildflowers drawn by Shanell" (one of our team members who doubles as an artist).

It finally came together when another team member sent an idea for engaging with the community and YES it was a colouring in contest but focused more on jewellery designing so a different angle but the way she drafted the contest the words completed the original idea of the Colouring in Contest and I used parts of the content she had written.   

We were finally ready to launch the comp.

So you see Latitude Gallery Jewellers is place where we love to ignite creativity and collaborate with team members and encourage their input.  But, we can really only measure our success by how much the public community enjoys and takes part in our events.  So I believe you all loved it.  I had parents sending their own and their kids entries in, I had people sending in their neighbours kids entries, we had entries from New Zealand from 3 ladies who live in a disability share house who absolute loved the opportunity to connect.  And I can say nothing feels as good as being able to make someone else feel proud, happy and engaged with a community.

Announcing the winners was tough because I thought everyone deserved something.  Initially there was going to be 3 prizes … then my daughter wanted to pick a winner  she chose Eva Carlberg's entry

Olives Choice was Eva Carlberg

Just by entering the competition you had a chance win.  And the winner was Maie with her picture here

Maie who won the lucky prize draw just by entering the competition

You can watch the live broadcast here on our facebook page  


Thanks for reading… Enjoy your day


Pia Boschetti #the_girl_who_grows_the_pearl







  • Alex said:

    This was so much fun for so many people over Easter. Great idea! Especially at this crazy pandemic time with boredom at home being a very common thing in most families I think!
    Thanks so much!
    I was wondering, is it possible to put an Abrolhos Keshi pearl into one of those pink Geraldton wax pendants?

    May 01, 2020

  • Heather Beswick said:

    What an awesome idea and wow to entries love the one using real leaves etc just amazing work by all and sundry and high fives for you at latitude for putting together stay safe happy healthy and positive we live in the best place in the whole world 🌍

    April 20, 2020

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