From Tiny Shells to Treasures of Silver and Gold

From Tiny Shells to Treasures of Silver and Gold


A few years ago, I stumbled across some artwork made from micro seashells. Immediately inspired, I hoped to one day design a jewellery collection influenced by the micro seashells found at my Abrolhos Islands home. 

This Artist's name was Meagan.  The special art piece Meagan created had super tiny shells laid out like a necklace – I immediately ordered one. When it arrived I couldn't believe how small it was! It was about 1/16th of the size I imagined it to be, and my first thought was that it could relate to a continuous shell necklace - just one strand, choker style, featuring lots of tiny shells.

Fast forward to November 2020, while on location shooting for an advertising campaign with the face of Latitude Jewellers - Lorenna, our Videographers - Cian and Mila and our Photographer - Siquoia. We anchored in a remote location at the Abrolhos Islands, an Island located in the Easter Group of the area, which has a very old building made only of coral. I've often wondered about the history of this area too….but that's another story.

As we were getting prepared for the photo shoot on the edge of the Island, I looked down and noticed some super small sea shells -  I felt like it was a sign – stumbling across these teeny tiny shells.

Immediately taking the time to stop the photo shoot, we all sat down and rummaged along the edge of the Island – gathering a small collection of samples.

When it came to designing and hand crafting the jewellery pieces inspired by these shells, I wasn’t even sure if the shells could be moulded as they were so delicate! I was worried the process might break the shell when taking the mould.

But, to my luck, it worked!


When I received the first samples of the sea shell products I was so excited! They looked even better than I had imaged. I worked alongside the Latitude team of Jewellers in our Geraldton workshop and showroom to select the order for the sea shell pieces, then we designed the jewellery and created the beautiful collection. Pearl sterling silver earrings, Abrolhos Island Pearls, gold and pearl bracelets and even combined with pearl and diamonds. I just love it.

It's hard for me to pick a favourite from the Abrolhos Seashell Jewellery Collection but the continuous shell necklet and shell bracelet would have to be up there – I have never seen any jewellery made like this before in precious metals of solid silver and gold.

I just love the whole collection – I love the way my creative team helped me put it together and deliver an amazing new collection launch.

I’m very proud to share the Abrolhos Seashell Collection with the world!

I'm very grateful to work alongside a brilliant bunch of talented people. Watching my Latitude Jewellers team bring it all together is just wonderful... the Abrolhos Seashell Collection Launch was the most lovely day!

This project is a massive accomplishment for me on a personal level too... I feel we have taken Latitude Jewellers to the next level - really elevating our customer experience. I feel the products in this collection are just gorgeous. I love the brand development and the way the products look on our model, beautiful Lorenna. I also like the way I feel when I wear pieces from the collection - reminding me of the Abrolhos Islands and the calm feeling it brings me. I'm passionate about sharing that feeling with others and it motivates me everyday!

Thanks also to our Creative Director Lynda Howitt Photographer and Graphic Designer Siquoia Olman and the Digital Marketing Team at Amplify Marketing. Special thanks to the Latitude Jewellers Store Manager Mariska, for keeping it all on track and making it happen!

Kind regards as always,

Pia Boschetti



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