Flotsam and Jetsam 2019 Art Competition

Flotsam and Jetsam 2019 Art Competition

Latitude Gallery Jewellers will be cleaning up the Abrolhos Islands again for Clean up Australia Day over the March Long weekend.

Volunteers will collect flotsam and jetsam which has washed up on the islands.. They will be collecting plastics, ropes, old broken pots, pot floats, wood, glass and plastic bottles and bring it back to town. for the Flotsam and Jetsam Art Competition. We are inviting the public to explore their Artistic talent and come down and pick through the goods to see what can be recycled into an INTERESTING and CREATIVE ‘Work of Art’ and enter into our Competition/Exhibition. This year we are introducing a theme to incorporate the celebration of  Balayi - Open Your Eyes: Houtman 400 Commemoration 2019 which is the 400th anniversary of Frederick De Houtman being the first to record the Houtman Abrolhos Islands on the evening of 29th July 1619: Houtman was also an astronomer and the first to accurately plot the position of the stars in the southern hemisphere skies – including the Southern Cross. Houtman’s discovery appeared on charts in 1627.

A huge thanks to our sponsors Wendy Mann from Geraldton Air Charter,  Karl Monaghan from KM Photography and Framing and Murray Davidson from Abrolhos Aquaculture Australia and Green Sea Surveys.

What YOU need to do is

  1. Download the entry form
  2. Select your materials at the Geraldton Fishermen's Wharf fuel berth on Monday the 4th of March 2019 between 8am and Noon
  3. Have your piece of art created and delivered to Latitude Gallery by Monday 8th April 2019.

Latitude Gallery will be holding an exhibition of the artwork that is created from the 13th April The artwork will be judged and awards presented on this night. (Exhibition closes 11th May 2019)


  1. Flotsam and Jetsam Recycling Award The entire piece is to consist of recycled found objects which were collected from Flotsam and Jetsam (glue, nails, paint is acceptable additions to your piece)

Prize is $1000 gift voucher from Latitude Gallery Jewellers plus a

day trip to the Abrolhos Islands from Geraldton Air Charter value $350

  1. Artistic View Combine the Flotsam and Jetsam with your own style and additional mediums.

Prize $500 Voucher from Latitude Gallery Jewellers and

A $500 voucher from KM Photography and Picture Framing.

  1. Junior Artists View—Can be in either of the above categories child needs to be 16yrs or younger.

Prize $250 gift voucher from Latitude Gallery Jewellers.

  1. Gallery Choice Award—The piece of artwork from any of the above 3 categories voted by the gallery team members as their favourite and outstanding entry.

Prize $400 gift voucher from Latitude Gallery Jewellers.

  1. Peoples Choice Award—For the duration of the exhibition, the general public will be invited to vote for their favourite entrant. The winner will be announced at the closing of the exhibition.

Prize $400 gift voucher from Latitude Gallery.

    6. Gemma Allen Memorial Award—Artwork to be judged from any of the above categories

Prize $400 gift voucher from Latitude Gallery Jewellers

  1. Balayi – Open Your Eyes: Houtman 400 Commemoration 2019—Most creative artwork to reflect this historic event. Artwork will be judged from any of above categories.

Prize $750 cash prize from Mick McAuliffe from Green Seas Survey.(NEW PRIZE CATEGORY)

Artworks are to be inspired by the found object's which were collected from the Abrolhos Islands.

All artworks are to be delivered to Latitude Gallery Jewellers, 169 Marine Terrace by 5:00pm on the 8th of April to be accepted and displayed as part of the exhibition .

Each piece of Artwork must be delivered with a completed copy of the entry form.

You are required to include at Title of artwork and write a short explanation about your piece outlining its meaning or inspiration behind it.

We are very excited to see each inspiring creation.




Pia Boschetti

The Girl who grows the pearl!

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