Island Bound

Designed and made in our own store, the ‘Latitude Island Bound Collection’ was inspired primarily by the waters and islands of the Abrolhos Islands; home of our own pearl farm, however the range signifies the beauty and wonder of coastal shorelines around all of Australia. This Collection boasts artistic representations of island locations that are of great significance to the story of Latitude Gallery Jewellers. For example “Turtle Bay” where 1000’s of tourists and fishermen visit each year; and the “Basile Island” which is home to Company founder ‘Pia Boschetti’ when she is pearl farming in this region, and who is also known as The_girl_who_grows_the_pearl. It has been said that the colourful fishermen’s shacks on this island encourage tour flight operators to frequently fly over this spectacular region, as well as the turquoise waters, sandy beaches and coral reefs which can be appreciated at a different level when viewed from the air. The diverse and unique natural wonder of this region has led to the creation of the ‘Latitude Island Bound Collection’, with this innovative range being celebration of the beautiful and significant locations of the Abrolhos Islands and of all Australian shorelines. Many of the styles in this collection include our Abrolhos Island black pearls, adding a treasure of beauty to take home for those who visit the region. A Collection created to appreciate, enjoy and love.



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