How We Began

How we began


Latitude Gallery’s story began with Pia Boschetti otherwise known as ‘the girl who grows the pearl’ who started pearl farming in the family business in 2000.


The business was initially known as ‘Latitude Pearls’. Pia noticed a wild species of oyster collections on her panels and discovered these produced Akoya Pearls (a pearl which was originally produced in Japan and is known to be the first pearl) as well as Pteria Penguin Mabe pearls which are also now produced at the farm site. The Abrolhos Islands Pearls were first displayed and sold at Latitude Fisheries, the head office of the family fishing export establishment. It is both unique and profitable to be able to produce so many species from one farm site.


The demand for Pia’s pearls became strong and needed to expand, so the business moved to its own premises in Chapman way Arcade. At this time, it began trading as Latitude Gallery, expanding to not only selling Pia’s, but also a collection of local artwork. From that point, making the pearls into jewellery was inevitable, with the business transforming into a place specialising in Jewellery that defines art, has freedom of boundaries during designing stages, and focus on featuring Pia’s beautiful pearls. 


18 months later, due to continued growth, Pia moved again, this time to the large and current premises at 169 Marine Terrace- right in the evolving heart of Geraldton. This allowed for extensive expansion in the jewellery being displayed, a fully equipped workshop with at least 2 jewellers, and further expansion of jewellery styles to include Diamonds and other beautiful Gemstones- most often from Australian mines.


The continuation of local art-work attracted art buyers also, with the larger premises also catering for exhibitions of Western Australian Artists which included jewellery artists as well.


However, over time with the increase in demand of customers specifically wanting jewellery designed and created by Latitude Jewellers, the business now focuses on selling jewellery and some artworks and accessories and gifts created under its own brand. The emphasis is now more and more on being an innovative Australian Jewellery designer.


With this, the company changed it’s name in 2019 to ‘Latitude Jewellers’.


Today, Latitude Jewellers is as much busy offering it’s services of jewellery creations and services online as it is instore.


Due to customer demand Pia has also expanded her jewellery designs to include different pearls other than those she grows, such as Australian white south sea pearls, freshwater pearls and more. In 2019, the expansion of promoting other Australian Gems began, and we strongly now promote Australian Gems of land such as Australian diamonds, sapphires and opals.

Australian Sapphire Collection

2019 also saw the introduction of a new Collection called ‘OLYV’ which features Laboratory Grown Diamonds.

OLYV Collection

Today, at Latitude Jewellers, customers and employees alike thrive on the wonderful experience of being a part of Pia’s story and her inviting store and products. The jewellery designs are ever growing and limitless, with a strong focus now on ‘Collections’- as unique series of our popular styles.

Wildflower Collection

From rings, earrings, necklaces, cuffs and bracelets in simplistic natural styles, to more innovative or elaborate designs, there is something in the Latitude Jewellers brand to be adored and afforded by everyone.


The experience of buying from Pia and her outstanding crew of jewellers, designers and sales team through online procedures) is exceptional.

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