Abrolhos Starfish Pendant 9ct yellow gold

The starfish pendant was created by taking an actual real starfish that had washed ashore at the Abrolhos Islands and making a silicon mould and then we cast a copy of the original shape in either silver or gold.  The casts are cleaned, polished and then decorated by one of our resident jewellers.

The pearl that has been attached to the starfish pendant is an Abrolhos Island Black Pearl and comes with a certificate to verify the Australian Aquaculture site located in the remote waters of the Abrolhos Islands 70km off the coast of Geraldton, Western Australia and was grown by Pia 'The girl who grows the pearl'.

Every part of this product was made in Australia.

This particular starfish is made in 9ct yellow gold and features an Abrolhos Island Keshi pearl.

Item is presented on display chain.

*The colour of pearl will vary due to pearl being a natural product no two are the same.  Please advise if you require a photograph before sending.

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