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Our Mission

“We create jewellery that tells a story...
...that’s the difference”

By listening and responding to you, we have one purpose; making sure your jewellery reflects who you are and fulfills your dreams. Each piece of jewellery we create has a story….. this is our legacy and is exclusive to our brand. 

Why? Because it is our belief that jewellery should do more than satisfy your needs. It should also be a lifelong treasure with meaning…… and have a significant story attached to it. 

“I wanted a pendant that signified my time in Western Australia and our visit to the Abrolhos Islands, so I chose an Abrolhos Islands Pearl. I loved the Goddess Collection at Latitude Jewellers and wanted a similar style. I also wear a lot of pink, so we added some pink gems and diamonds. When I saw it finished, I had to hold back the tears! It’s so beautiful and totally tailored to me and ‘my story’. Thanks Steven, this will be something I cherish forever and pass down the family”                                                                                                                                       Camea Degen 2020

“I just want to say my wife loved the gold wave ring and thanks for easy process of buying on your website and posting. Thanks too for sending the Island Bound booklet, it was great to read about how you guys made the collection to signify Australian coasts and Islands. Cheers”                                                                                                                                      Frank Fox 2020



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Pia Boschetti
Founder & Chief

Favourite gemstone: Aquamarine

What do you love most about your job at Latitude Jewellers?
I love creating new designs alongside our jewellers. When I sketch a design idea and show it to them, and they adjust the technical aspects to make it complete, seeing the final piece is very rewarding.
I love that I have stayed true to having no boundaries in the process of designing jewellery. That has not changed. My team have total freedom to create new jewellery designs, without the restriction of trends.
It’s even more exciting when we sell one of these pieces and we tell the customer what inspired the design and where the pearls and gems came from. It’s also just so nice to design Australian made jewellery that has been created by our team.
And seeing our customers smile at the time of purchase...that’s even more rewarding!

Name one interesting fact about you?
I have spent most of my childhood growing up at the Abrolhos Islands. Being baptised there, married there and now my daughter was baptised there too. My emotional connection to the sea I’m sure was inspired by many days at the Abrolhos exploring the wonderful islands and surrounds.

What do you enjoy most out of work time?
I enjoy snorkelling, beachcombing and more recently I have taken to learning to play the piano – which I spend many hours per week practicing.

Amanda McInerheney
Sales Consultant

Favourite gemstone: Aquamarine and Diamonds

What do you love most about your job at Latitude Jewellers?
The People I work with, learning something completely new to me. And building a relationship with new Customers, hearing about their stories. Being a part of a happy experience in seeing somebody thrilled with their purchase or gifts.

Name one interesting fact about you?
I used to make bags and tiaras and sold them at the markets when my Daughter was young.

What do you enjoy most out of work time?
Spending time with my family going to the Beach, Camping and Glamping Exploring new places and just letting my hair down with people I love.

Ivone McIvor
Admin Assistant & Sales Consultant

Favourite gemstone: Diamonds & Australian Parti Sapphires

What do you love most about your job at Latitude Jewellers?
All the stories! Our own designs and so many customers’ bespoke designs and sentimental jewellery often weave a beautiful story. Jewellery is perceived as a luxury, but every piece can tell a tale of love, sadness, and joy. I love the tangible human connection in every piece. And the beauty is, there is never just a single story

Name one interesting fact about you?
I am multi-lingual. I am African born to Portuguese parents, have lived in four different countries, three continents and have travelled and stayed extended times in many places. Possessing an innate curiosity for my surroundings, wherever I go, I try to read and speak the language. This has afforded me an understanding and a deep respect for cultures and traditions.

What do you enjoy most out of work time?
Family, Travel and Photography, preferably at the same time! I love history and my photography allows a snapshot of creating my own and my family’s history. I’m a culture vulture! I also enjoy some gardening on our two-and-a-half-acre lot and have a keen interest in interior design.

Jodie Wight
Sales Consultant

Favourite gemstone: Blue Sapphire

What do you love most about your job at Latitude Jewellers?
That it is a family business and you are made to feel like part of the family. Also meeting lovely customers from all over

Name one interesting fact about you?
I drive at tractor and work on our farm on my days off.

What do you enjoy most out of work time?
Spending time with my family and friends

Mariska Steyn
Admin Assistant & Sales Consultant

Favourite gemstone: Aquamarine

What do you love most about your job at Latitude Jewellers?
No matter what time of year our store is always filled with exiting people or an exciting event - there is never a dull moment! We meet so many people not only from all over Australia but all over the world! I love that I work in a space where I am constantly learning and where I can always express my creativity! 

Name one interesting fact about you?
I love any sort of sewing or DIY project relating to home decor.

What do you enjoy most out of work time?
I have two little girls that keep me very busy! Having recently relocated from South Africa we love exploring WA and all the beautiful people and places, especially the beaches, it has to offer! We love a good “braai” / bbq and catching up with friends.

Rod Boon
Jeweller & Estimator

Favourite gemstone: Pearls

What do you love most about your job at Latitude Jewellers?
Being a jeweller and making clients happy, I just love the smile of their faces when they receive something I’ve designed and made for them. Plus, I really love the team I work with… it’s a great environment.

Name one interesting fact about you?
I am a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwon-Do. I’ve been selected twice to represent Australia.

What do you enjoy most out of work time?
Renovating my old house. It was built around 1930 and there was word that Randolf Stow used to live there! I really love spending time with my family and my 4 dogs.

Steven Richards
Sales Manager & Jeweller

Favourite gemstone: Rhodolite Garnet

What do you love most about your job at Latitude Jewellers?
Meeting and dealing with new and existing Customers  

Name one interesting fact about you?
For a period of my life I was a professional musician in a Rock band

What do you enjoy most out of work time?
Spending time with my beautiful wife and my two Jack Russel’s



“To be treasured by people across the globe for their love of freely created and storytelling jewellery” 


Pia Boschetti, business founder & Chief shares a message about our Vision Statement:

“Imagine everyone all over the world being able to own a piece jewellery that has been designed and created with the free spirited ‘freedom to create’ philosophy of Latitude Jewellers.  A piece of jewellery that we have created, which has its own distinct and significant story attached- designed and created in Western Australia and is set with an Australian grown Pearl or other Australian Gemstone! How amazing will that be? I want everyone to be able to enjoy our Jewellery. I want our brand, our jewellery to be treasured by everyone….worldwide.” 



CREATIVITY- Creativity is our core value. Our Jewellery artists have limitless ‘freedom to create’. Therefore, our designs are innovative, not confined to fashion trends, and always creative.

SIGNIFICANCE- All our jewellery has significance with a story to tell. Such as the ‘Goddess’ Collection, featuring Aquamarines. The story: in ancient times, sailors would take Aquamarines with them to throw into the sea during a storm as offerings for the Sea Gods to protect them. Our customers treasure their jewellery not only for its value and beauty, but for the significant story it holds.

ENTHUSIASM- Company Founder Pia Boschetti is well known for her enthusiastic character. Pia’s enthusiasm flows through to her jewellery designs and everyone who experiences Latitude Jewellers 

EXCELLENCE- Excellent product and service is what we provide at Latitude Gallery. Jewellery is made with high standard of workmanship and generous silver/gold content. We go beyond the necessary to exceed customers’ needs 

COMMUNITY- Latitude Gallery is proud to be known for supporting a strong community spirit. We fund an event named ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ where works of art are created using waste from the Abrolhos Islands which is cleaned up by Latitude Gallery once a year. 

RESPECT- We hear and absorb what customers and colleagues are saying; to be fully engaged in what they mean and need. Relationships amongst team members and with clients that are caring, positive and valued.


Started by pearl farmer Pia Boschetti, who is known as ‘The Girl Who Grows the Pearl’, the business began as an outlet to promote her rare Abrolhos pearls, which she continues to grow today on her pearl farm at The Abrolhos Islands off the coast of Geraldton. 

Pia went on to discover she had a passion for creating innovative jewellery designs for her pearls, and a mission for all her jewellery designs to have its story told. She began selling her jewellery in small Geraldton premises, which soon expanded to her large jewellery workshop and store in Geraldton today, and every growing website trading. 

Pia’s genuine, creative, and enthusiastic character have always shone through in jewellery designs, which today, include other gorgeous Australian Gems such as Australian Pink, Yellow and white Diamonds, Australian Sapphires and much more. 


Looking back on almost a 15year history in this business, Pia describes feeling fulfillment and pride ……

 “I can’t believe how fast the years have gone, and I’m just so proud I’ve stuck to the beliefs I had at the beginning. I wanted to make jewellery for my pearls that was creative, meaningful and had a story to tell, and people loved our brand so much it grew to include creative jewellery using other Gems we are so lucky to find here in Australia…. To think it all started on my pearl farm! Even though the business is so much more than pearl jewellery now, I love growing my pearls as much today as I did back then…..”  

Today, we design and custom make jewellery with a strong focus on Gemstones grown across Australia, in our oceans and on our land. Our store is bigger, our collections are bigger, our team is bigger, and our website offer so much more, especially from 2020 when new ways of selling/buying lead to our new virtual consultations for buying, designing or repairing jewellery.  

Today, our jewellery designs include different pearls other than those Pia grows, such as Australian white south sea pearls, freshwater pearls and more. With the expansion of promoting other Australian Gems we now proudly showcase lovely jewellery collections that feature Australian Gems of land such as Australian Diamonds, Opals, and Sapphires. 

To follow are some of the popular Collections we have launched during 2019 and 2020

Australian Sapphire Collection
Australia produces some of the most glorious tones of blue, green and yellow Sapphires and the ever popular ‘parti Sapphire’ which is a blend of colours. The styles in this collection are ever growing, with uniqueness, and rustic designs being our most popular.


Olyv Collection
Our ‘Olyv’ Collection features Laboratory Grown Diamonds, which have all the same characteristics of naturally grown diamonds. We wanted to offer this option to our customers who value Earth friendly Diamonds rather than traditional natural mined Diamonds. Olyv offers our customers Diamond jewellery styles that are both contemporary and classic at a fraction of the cost of natural Diamonds.


Wildflower Collection
Jewellery items in our Wildflower Collection are amongst our top selling designs, with the underpinning story being the beautiful Western Australian Wildflowers which represent the largest collection of species in the world.


To sum up, this business grew from ‘the girl who grows the pearl’, our Founder: Pia Boschetti, who is an extremely talented and dynamic women, and Pia now has an extremely awesome Team beside her.

Today, our jewellery and our brand reflect the vibe of its founder; innovative, passionate, and creative with a high respect and appreciation for what nature provides us with. We are an outstanding crew of jewellers, designers and sales consultants that guarantee your experience with us will be exceptional, both in store-or and on-line. 

You will love working with us. Shop online or instore today, give us a call, or email OR Book your VIRTUAL appointment here. When you make your booking, let us know if you have a preference of who you’d like to help you using the profiles of our team above.