Coterie Freedom Cuff

‘Coterie' meaning ‘A small group of people with shared interests or tastes’.
This bangle signifies the collaboration of our design team and jewellers during the process of creating our collections. We all bring a shared passion for exclusivity to the design table. We work as a collective including input from our jewellers, ensuring any changes are made during the process to ensure the design will showcase each gem distinctly. The combination of pearls and gems in this cuff bracelet ‘Coterie’ features an Australian Sapphire alongside an Australian Pearl and a Diamond.‘Coterie’ is a true example of to the 'Freedom to Create' brand statement from Latitude Jewellers.
Details: 9ct yellow gold and 9ct white gold decoration featuring an Abrolhos Island Keshi Pearl,  Australian green Sapphire, 0.03ct diamond Colour G/H, Clarity SI.


Ref: P4679


This piece is currently on display at The Museum of Geraldton for the Lustre Exhibition.  Not available for delivery until 24 June 2020

Custom make of this piece is available

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