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Australia’s Abrolhos Islands... mmmm Is history about to change

I’m sure people will look 👀 at this and wonder where in Australia do people have the opportunity to live like this?    I am blessed to have to been able to grow up on these islands and continue to manage the @latitudegallery pearl farm. I do believe with great care and management eco tourism is a great way to show off our wonderful #abrolhosislands.. 


The history is a big part.. most people think directly about the Batavia shipwreck and crayfish but there really is so much more... the Zeewijk   Is another shipwreck , then a few more later on and of course there will be more to find... the guano mining an interesting story, then more recently the addition of fishermen operating on these islands... where they used to live in tents ⛺️ over there in the beginning, the fishermen used to work in small boats in rough weather some of the boats had sails. Being so remote the community started their own social and sporting events. football 🏈 competitions between groups was one. 


Then the very emotional Dawn service for Anzac Day he’s at the Wallaby group. Some groups developed club houses built by themselves. Today there is a clubhouse at the Wallaby group which still operates for 6-8weeks of the year, then southern group is home to a little Church which still hold mass around Easter 🐣 time, and of course the odd wedding (mine) There even used to be land based tourism at the southern end of Pelsaert Island back in the 1920’s.  


I’m wondering what the future holds, there are many tour operators llike #EcoAbrolhos and also private boats which visit the area especially from February to June to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh breeze... Also the flight with @geraldton_aircharter is also amazing I have flown out there many times and this flight absolutely amazing.  


Next year is the celebration of 400 years of Frederick Houtman who not only identified the Abrolhos Islands but also identified and plotted the Southern Cross ... who knew that right.... the interesting thing is he visited before captain cook... mmmmm is Australia’s history about to change ... 


Bye for now but not forever

Regards Pia Boschetti #the_girl_who_grows_the_pearl 



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